Sound Consoles

There are dozens of different kinds of sound consoles of a variety of sizes. Some them come with only a handful of faders and knobs, some of them have a hundred.

A key difference is between Analog boards (the old standard) and Digital boards (new computerized devices).

To get you started, the following link will run down the basics.

This video gives a rundown on the very basic concepts and techniques of running sound consoles.

This next link is for a Youtube channel by Yamaha. It is a very comprehensive series of videos on all things sound.

The following links are for advanced tutorials on how to use specific consoles.

The two primary (digital) consoles used at the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts are the Midas M32 and the Avid Venue.

MIDAS M32 Console Tutorial

AVID Venue Profile Tutorial

       Venue Profile Tutorial Part 2